Q:  How do I get started?

A:  You may call my office or email me to leave a message about your interest in my services.  I will respond to all phone calls and emails within 24 hours Monday through Friday.  Because email is not a secure form of exchanging health data, we will start by having a personal phone conversation to determine if my services fit your needs.

Q:  What will my first appointment consist of and what will I need to bring?

A:  You will bring with you the filled out paperwork designated in the adult or child intake packet from the Downloads page of this website.  It will take you about twenty minutes to fill out this paperwork. Your first appointment will last one hour and will be an information-gathering session.  You and I will discuss the problems you are having and you will be providing me with a synopsis of your past and present history.  We will also begin to look at specific symptoms that are occurring in your life that might be interfering in everyday living.

Q:  How long are all subsequent sessions?

A:  Each following session will last 50 minutes.  We will start out meeting weekly, if possible, in order to accelerate the process in the beginning and then move to twice a month or monthly sessions over time.  We will determine the length of your treatment depending on the issues that you bring to therapy and the treatment goals that we establish together.

Q:  What if I think I need to be evaluated for medications or I am already prescribed medications?

A:  As a psychologist, I do not have prescriptive privileges.  However, I often consult with physicians who prescribe medications. I can consult with your doctor related to your symptoms so that your doctor can make an informed decision about medication management for you.

Q:  Do you do any psychological testing?

A:  As a counseling psychologist, I am not trained to do formalized psychological testing.  I do, however, use some testing and assessment measures as part of my diagnostic assessment.  I refer to other clinicians who specialize in formalized psychological or neuropsychological assessment and will be happy to refer you to them if the need arises.

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